2nd Annual HR Senate 2012 – Moving up the corporate ladder-What’s available for HR Practitioners?

Profits.  The goal line and the life blood of all businesses.  Make no mistake about it.  To be a valued part of the team, your efforts, both individual and departmental must be aligned towards that goal.  Now, in HR, you might be getting a bit nervous.  You ponder–  ”How do I contribute to the profits of the company?  I don’t make anything, I don’t sell anything “.
Unrecognised, unheralded and undefined. Three words which best describe the realities and vagaries of a HR professional. “Best employee, highest profit to date, breakthrough products.” – all the hype of a growing organisation, and lost deep in the background, are the people who made those things happen by identifying, retaining and developing the right talents.And HR is intimately involved in the selection, care and satisfaction of the company’s most important assets – its people.  Read more on : http://www.trueventus.com/event.php?intid=144

Futurism For the Workplace

22 August 2014, The Leela, Gurgaon

India’s first coalescence of HR and Technology. Join the assemblage of industry experts. Share their expertise, find solutions and experience best practices.

Read more on: http://www.techhrconference.com/

The NASSCOM Annual HR Summit takes a look at some key aspects that make up the changing HR paradigm and what we can do to equip ourselves for the emerging needs of today as well as tomorrow. Link:  http://www.nasscom.in/hrsummit

22 – 23 January, 2014 ,The Taj West End, Bangalore, India

This is not a conference! It is a unique opportunity to participate in cutting-edge research that will define the future of India leadership, with each participant able to frame and discuss the issues and question the presenters. This is an occasion to be involved in direct debate, influencing both… Continue reading

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