In today’s world we all have to KISS (Keep it Simply Social!)

Personal Branding is one topic which excites me every time I hear / read about it. When Tanvi Gautam (Tanvi_Gautam) invited me as a guest to share my views on Personal Branding, I could never say no. People are interested in who we are more than what we do. We must first be & then Do. We are Human BEings not Doings! Our passion drives who we want to be, learn, share, connect & collaborate

The tweet chat was hash tagged as #indiaHRchat and was formatted for an hour around some pre-listed questions. Around 66 HR and the non HR professionals became the part of this tweet chat. The experience was amazing for me, it came to me as a kind of an instant group chat with 66 participants which the entire world could see.

The trend had reached to more than 1.6 million people reached in just an hour… oh boy! It’s breaking news in itself. Just to give you figures  -  66 contributors, 700+tweets, and 161,000 accounts reached in  just an hour.

Here are some excerpts from the chat:

The host, @tanvi_gautam shared the pre-selected questions one by one. And within a blink of eye thoughts and views started pouring in.

Q1.  What does it mean to have a personal brand ?

@Keerthi Kariappa

A1: Knowing your strengths & competencies, your differentiators and packaging it right

@Tanmay Vora

A1 When you begin the journey of creating a personal brand, it has to be a pro-active effort to differentiate yourself.


A1: Personal Brand is a set of adjectives & promises that people largely use to describe an indiv. It’sYOU


A1 It is how you shine in your speciality, expertise and focus. It also includes how you support others to shine too


A1: Brand is the music to which you live your life. Must let others hear it too! 

@Greg Harrison

A1. Highlighting what you’re really like

@Nisha Raghavan

A1. Personal Brand communicate your personality, be real and project what you want to be known for


A1: Through unearthing the true you, consistently & constantly living your brand, you attract what you need to achieve your goals

@Tanmay Vora

A1 Personal Branding: a unique perception that marketplace associates with you based on your work/results you deliver


A1: Personal brand is like a thumb print ! Unique to you and identifies you (a comment on the blog today !)

@Shamik Vora

A1. It is clear positioning of self, which others can identify effortlessly.


A1 Without having to “wrestle with the universe” to acquire it.

The number of tweets only grew more and more with the course of time and the speed in which the tweets came gave me the feeling that everybody was on a “fastest finger first” game. Some of the questions that were asked by other tweeters were: “How do you measure your brand?”, “Can I be a brand if I am not a thought leader?” and many others….  The interesting part that I witnessed was the illustration of emergent knowledge rather than the discovery of pre formed ideas. People shared not only the 140 characters tweet but also links to other blogs, videos and articles on “Personal Branding”.

Though there can be many divergent views, but to me Personal Branding is not about building a special image for the outside world; it is about understanding what is truly unique about YOU – your strengths, skills, values and passions – and using that to differentiate yourself. Through unearthing the true you and consistently and constantly living your Brand, you attract what you need to achieve your goals without having to “wrestle with the universe” to acquire it. Saying Yes when you mean yes & saying NO when you mean NO. You are remembered not for your achievements, but how you have impacted people’s lives

The one hour tweet chat  with so many gems of thought coming has proved that  “None of us is smarter than all of us”. Truly, What’s the point of knowing things if you don’t know how to share? Last but not the least it was great Learning to adhere to the  KISS Principle (Keep It Simply Social).

Other pre-selected questions that were thrown open by the host were:

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