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About me
Anand Pillai
About me
Anand Pillai is a seasoned business leader with over four decades of experience in various leadership roles in multinational corporations, including Reliance Industries ( Sr Executive VP), HCL Technologies ( Global Head Talent and Business Transformation) and TATA Group. He is widely regarded as a management expert and author who has made significant contributions to the fields of leadership, organizational transformation, and innovation.

Anand is an known leader in leadership coaching and organizational transformation with extensive experience in coaching and training C-level executives, senior and middle managers across various sectors. His expertise in leadership, innovation, and organizational development has earned him a reputation as a thought leader and change agent.

As the Managing Director of Leadership Matters Inc., Anand is committed to helping organizations build strong leadership capabilities and drive transformative change. His focus is on creating effective leadership models, developing leadership talent, and driving Business transformation.

Anand is a regular contributor to various business publications and has been featured in numerous international media outlets. Anand has won several awards for his work in talent management, leadership development, and employee engagement. He has also done extensive research on cross-cultural relationships, intrapreneurship, and innovation, making him a highly sought-after consultant on these subjects globally.

Anand Pillai is a strong advocate of innovation and entrepreneurship in India. He has been actively involved in promoting innovation and entrepreneurship through various initiatives, including mentoring start-ups and serving on the advisory boards of several incubators and accelerators.

Overall, Anand Pillai is a highly respected thought leader and change agent who has made significant contributions to the fields of leadership, innovation, and organizational transformation. He is a highly sought-after speaker and has delivered keynote speeches at various industry events and conferences around the world.

Pillai is known for his engaging and thought-provoking presentations, and his ability to inspire audiences to think differently about leadership and innovation. His insights and advice continue to be highly valued by leaders across the globe, and he is committed to nurturing the next generation of business leaders and equipping them with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in the competitive global marketplace.
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